F.U.N. Friday: HeroClix couples

Posted on February 11, 2011


It’s almost Valentine’s Day, that Hallmark-promoted holiday that puts dudes on the spot the middle of every February and sets ladies up for disappointment.

Oh, sorry. Did I sound a little bitter there? Didn’t mean to.


Anyway, a lot of venues like to couple-up the clix in their scenarios. Here are a few that I always look toward (or will for the first time, this year):

Ultra Boy and Phantom Girl

For 170 points you get this pair of wild card fliers. One is a tough fighter and the other a mobile taxi, both sporting 18 DV. Theme ’em up with other Teens or with their own crew, the Legion of Super-Heroes (which features other pairings like Lightning Lad/Saturn Girl, and Mon-El/Shadow Lass).

Speaking of teens…

Invincible and Atom Eve

It took a while for these teenagers to come together, but they are inextricably linked, now. ‘Vince gives you an inexpensive HSS brick while Eve covers his retreats with Barrier.

Speaking of Barrier, half of this pair is a mistress of it…

Mr. Fantastic (Secret Invasion) and Invisible Woman (Secret Invasion)

The First Couple of the Marvel Universe makes a decent team, too. His +2 Perplex makes her a potent ranged threat while her TK enables some extra range.

Superman and Lois Lane

As classic as this pair is, in HeroClix it’s really just an excuse to play a Superman in this format. Lois doesn’t contribute anything other than A) the Superman Ally TA if you’re fortunate enough to own the ultra-rare chase figure from Origin or B) a way to block or tie up enemy figures for a turn or two.

Peter Parker (Web of Spider-Man) and Mary Jane Watson (Web of Spider-Man)

Even though MJ nearly topped my list of 2010’s worst pieces, she does have some playability when paired with her man. In this format, I might just stick with AE Parker and let this couple act as wild card support for the real fighters.

Dr. Manhattan and Silk Spectre

Aside from his obvious huge damage potential, he also has TK to toss his gal out to tie up targets with her 19 DV in close. Then, if she survives a hit, she can run back to him and Enhance his shots even more. But if that pair of Watchmen is too rich for you…

Nite Owl and Silk Spectre

With two versions of Nite Owl, this pairing offers more points flexibility (if not much raw power at all). Use them as the street-level tie-ups they are.

Black Adam (Crisis) and Isis

The only thing the big Crisis Super Rare has really needed to work is some TK for extra mobility/range and PC to help his must-hit alpha strike land. Isis provides both. Huge point cost, though.

Hawkeye (Avengers) and V Mockingbird

Even adding the Thunderbolts ATA (he qualifies for it) doesn’t even break the 100-point mark! She’s perfect tie-up to set up his shots.

August General in Iron and Ghost Fox Killer

These Great Ten members are in love and are fairly deadly in melee.


I’m not really one to promote gay couples. But there are some in ‘clix that shouldn’t be overlooked:

Scandal Savage and V Knockout: These villains are mistresses of close combat.

The Question (Arkham Asylum) and Batwoman: One of the game’s best and one of its most mediocre for under 80 points. Could do worse.

Wiccan and Hulking: Ditto…except Wiccan’s not nearly as good as Question and Hulking’s nearly double the cost of Batwoman…y’know, you probably should overlook these booty-buddies.

Phyla-Vell and Moondragon (Hammer of Thor): Costly, but you know I love me some Phyla-Vell.


Happy clixing this weekend!