F.U.N. Friday: Rockin’ ROBINs.

Posted on February 4, 2011


One of my favorite things to do in this game is pull out a F.U.N. (Friendly, Useful, Neat-o) team of clones. And with at least one version in the past 5 DC sets, Robin fits the need.

Robin 79 (Crisis veteran)

AKA: "Emo" Robin

The Outwit for this team, Emo Robin is crucial for getting past damage reducers. If necessary, he’s only one push away from Perplex, Willpower and Incap.

Robin 66 (Arkham Asylum)

My repaint.

While Crisis Robin supplies the Outwit, this version provides Perplex to start. Though it seems counterintuitive to use the high-cost figures for support, it’s absolutely worth it.

Robin (The Brave and the Bold)

"Lil'" Robin.

This is one of the front-line attackers. Totally built for close-fighting (as evidenced by  Combat Reflexes and 0 range), Lil’ Robin ties up the enemy for the others.

Robin (Crisis rookie)

Being a Robin without the Bat Ally TA, this one seems a weak link. But on a team this numerous, his Leadership can be key in the early game. And if you put Lunge on him, he suddenly becomes a dangerous puncher with a push or other light damage thanks to his Willpower and SP Flurry. He also draws attacks away from the others, being one of the non-Stealthed targets beyond his first click.

Robin (Batman Alpha)

Pretty long-lived for his cost, this Robin is made for Pounce and is, so equipped, the secret weapon of this team. Even without it, he’s good and consistent and will draw heat away from the really dangerous members of the team.

Robin 22 (Icons starter)

or, ol' Short Pants.

Only there to fill out points, toss an occasional Smoke Cloud and, most importantly, absorb themed team PC tokens. ‘Cause yeah…this is a themed team (Gotham City).

Here’s the team I built:

Robin 79 (Crisis veteran)
Robin 66 (Arkham Asylum)
Robin 43 (The Brave and the Bold) + Lunge 5
Robin 35 (Crisis rookie) + Lunge 5
Robin 30 (Batman Alpha) + Pounce 15
Robin 22 (Icons starter)

= 300 points (25 in feats). For a Modern Age version, I’ll drop the Icons piece and the feats for the 40-point Boy Wonder LE from Crisis:

Boy Wonder (Crisis LE)

This representation of the second and short-lived Robin Jason Todd can either be a Willpowered source of Smoke Cloud or join Damian Robin on the front lines with his Charge.

Look for a future New Comic Day battle report to, well, report on how this team fared. (But not this Wednesday…I have something different planned.) Happy clixing this weekend!