Top Ten HeroClix of 2010: #5

Posted on January 10, 2011


#5 is a Marvelous occasional duo:

Shazam! and Black Adam (The Brave and the Bold, #055)

You knew this piece, which appeared in the 2010 HeroClix World Champion’s team, was going to show up on this list. And it’s not hard to see why:

  • Hypersonic Speed, on both “ends.” The Shazam end is particularly beast, thanks to…
  • Probability Control, to make sure those rolls have the best odds of going your way;
  • Big damage that never drops below 3 (this is key for their Duo Attack ability) — much of it penetrating damage.
  • The ability to halve their cost to 140 and fit either persona onto a smaller team. Again, Shazam’s the best for it due to his dual utility as beastick and support piece.
  • But don’t overlook Black Adam’s ability to mix his HSS with Close Combat Expert or Exploit Weakness;
  • Justice Society team ability offers a way to boost defenses (as do the Defend clicks of the Shazam half);
  • their Mystical keyword makes for some powerful themed teams.

The duo has some serious soft points in their defense (Defend on Shazam, low DV on B. Adam, short life on both 140 pt. versions) in addition to the usual drawbacks of doublebased characters (the inability to be moved with Telekinesis chief among them) and duos (no Fortitude allowed for them in Golden Age) that keep them from being higher up. But the only 12-click character in the game is definitely Top 5 material.

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