Top Ten HeroClix of 2010: #6

Posted on January 7, 2011


Not the Dark Avenger you probably expecting:


Noh-Varr (Web of Spider-Man, #038)

This one almost slipped under my radar. But he’s loaded with elements making him a lock for the list:

  • Running Shot with Penetrating/Psychic Blast and Pulse Wave (SP “Transforming Gauntlet Gun”) with great stats;
  • Invulnerability, helping the chances of even a strong hit landing him on…
  • Hypersonic Speed and Super Strength. Good combo, that;
  • late Perplex. That’s good, as his stats start to slip;
  • two clicks of Regeneration that can land him on good clicks no matter what;
  • EIGHT keywords, making him a good fit for a lot of themed teams;
  • “Traitor To All,” his trait giving him an AV boost if he ignores his keywords, making him an even better fit on non-themed teams.

Weaknesses? Maybe a slight lack of early close-combat effectiveness and/or Flight. Yeah, who cares? Great light tentpole who leaves plenty of room for support or other solid fighters.

Next week: The Top 5! Will your favorite make the list? Watch and see. ‘Til then, happy playing!