Top Ten HeroClix of 2010: #7

Posted on January 6, 2011


#7 is naked power.

Dr. Manhattan (Watchmen, #005)

Also known as “Zenhattan” for his floating lotus position pose, he’s on the list because:

  • His powers can’t be countered;
  • PERIOD!! 🙂
  • His first SP grants 12 AV Psychic Blast (and Barrier, and Telekinesis…but the PB is the one that everyone really cares about);
  • Impervious, which segues into “That Didn’t Kill Osterman,” which, in addition to nullifying damage, sends him back to his starting area and probably out of harm’s way;
  • “Simultaneous Perception” which grants Super Senses and Probability Control on top of it all, making him very difficult to even hit;
  • His Watchmen TA makes him immune to enemy attempts to mess with his stats.

At 276 points, he suffers from not being able to push, and being totally range-oriented (making him a bit vulnerable to tie-up), especially on the back end of his dial. Played correctly, though, he never sees that end.

Next: A dark avenger.