Top Ten HeroClix of 2010: #10

Posted on January 3, 2011


As I wrote last time, 2010 was a good year for the game. Starting today, I’m counting down the top ten HeroClix released last year. Let’s jump right in!


But who's brave and who's bold?

The Flash and Green Lantern (The Brave and the Bold #048)

This double-based figure starts the Top Ten with a number of great elements:

  • double TK SP allows them to sling out two pals at once;
  • 8 range and 2 targets (thanks to a late errata in the Player’s Guide). That really works well with…
  • Duo Attack and 4 damage. They can really lay down some hurt.
  • Superb Defense, starting and ending with 19 and boasting Invulnerability in the middle where the numbers sag;
  • “Two-Man Justice League,” a SP allowing them to use a damage power missing from your team for a round. Need an AV boost? Pick Perplex. A damage boost? RCE or CCE. A defense boost? Shape Change…or maybe Outwit.
  • Late-dial Hypersonic Speed with revived stats;
  • 12 Speed all dial long.

This duo almost slipped off my list for their really underwhelming AV for their fairly mammoth 200-point cost. But their ability to use Perplex (potentially, anyhow) for most of their dial counters that weakness. Despite their price tag, they are not a tentpole piece; surround them with other solid fighters.

Be back tomorrow for number 9, a piece that’s pretty much the complete opposite of this high-cost, heroic duo.