Atlantis Addendum: DC75 Edition

Posted on December 17, 2010


No Friday Force-Building this week. We’ve all got brand-new clix to pull and try out! In that spirit, here’s a look at one of my favorite themes.

Several weeks ago, I posted a simply titanic article about the Atlantis keyword in HeroClix. Long a thoroughly uncompetitive keyword theme, it’s gotten some boosts in the past couple of years with the emergence of Namor in Secret Invasion, one of the most flat-out effective beasticks (not a typo; see the glossary) in the game and, more recently, Aquaman (Brightest Day) for his ability to make other Atlanteans quasi-Mystics and his own considerable offensive prowess.

Now there are three new Atlantis pieces in DC 75th Anniversary set. Let’s look at what they do for life under da sea:

50-100 points

Ocean Master (DC75): Aquaman’s villainous half-brother makes his HeroClix debut. He’s not very good, though, with only a pitiful 3 range, Force Blast and Mastermind available for his first two clicks. Mid-dial he gets a Special Power granting him Blades/Claws/Fangs at range, but at the risk of taking 1 unavoidable damage if he rolls a 1 or 2.

The only reason he should be considered for an Atlantis team is his trait giving him Probability Control while in water. Because of this, and his super-short range, he should be feated with Submerged whenever possible. He’s purely a weak support piece, so you may want to spend the 65 points on other Atlanteans instead.


I don't yet own a Mera fig, but I got a shot of her at my venue. And, as you see, she can tote her token! (Barely. Squeeze it between her hair and shoulder.)


Mera (DC75): At last, the first super-spouse in comics gets her own figure in HeroClix. And like a good woman, she definitely improves the union by bringing several things to the marriage!
First, Telekinesis. A single click on top gives Atlantis first-strike capability at last, whether by throwing objects or, more likely, super-strong friends holding objects. She also gets the power back on her whole back-dial, too.
She also brings unparalleled mobility with Phasing/Teleport (for some reason) and Exploit Weakness with Super Strength to make her a close-combat threat (with Toughness for survival). Later, she shifts focus to Mind Control (again, it doesn’t fit her powerset), Barrier and Regeneration.
At 85 points, she’s not cheap, but that TK is indispensable.

100+ points


This one's standing on a BLUE tentacle.

Veteran Aquaman (DC75): Sharing a near-identical sculpt, near-identical cost and the dolphin-transporter symbol with Brightest Day Aquaman, this 106-point model has a very different dial. His Speed power is special “Sea Life Telepathy” Mind Control that’s +3 AV and zero feedback damage against the Atlantis keyword. Even better, his Attack SP “Rise From The Deep” allows him to warp in water terrain the way OOTS Batman does in hindering terrain.


He’s not as thick-skinned as BD Aquaman, with Toughness sandwiching some Invulnerability in the middle, nor does he have Super Strength to boost his naturally-high 4 damage. But he’s got an extra click of life and some more keywords to make him fit on most JLA-themed teams.
Bucket of Water: One of the 3D LE objects in DC75, this 0-point light object is water terrain instead of hindering terrain, providing yet another way to activate the Atlantis keyword members’ various water-based powers. It benefits:
  • any Submerged character;
  • Aqualad and Garth, who can use it to hide via their SPs, then Charge off it (for no penalty to Speed);
  • Starro Aquaman and JL Arthur Curry, who can use it to gain their water-based Invulnerability and, respectively, extra Charge Speed and late-dial Regen and Close Combat Expert;
  • SI Namor, who can use his Regen-only-in-water late clicks on it;
  • BD Aquaman, who gains 8 range when on it;
  • DC75 Aquaman, who could use it for his RFTD attacks;
  • Namora and Attuma, who, because they both gain water-activated SPs after their Super Strength clicks, stand to benefit somewhat even after taking massive damage;
  • Ocean Master, who offers Probability Control on it;
  • Atlantean Warriors, who can use it in conjunction with other hindering terrain to activate their Stealth;
  • and DC75 Mera, who could TK the object to best effect for any of the previously mentioned characters (by, for example, moving the bucket into a square of hindering terrain, thereby allowing the aforementioned Atlantean Warrior to use Stealth even more efficiently), not to mention the ones I forgot and non-Atlantis pieces like Triton and Frog of Thunder.
In conclusion, the addition of both TK and PC leaves Atlantis missing only Outwit among the classic HeroClix support powers. In just a short time, the fish have grown considerably more competitive! So go for a swim and swamp some enemy forces!