Friday Force Build: 400 points of Jewish clix

Posted on December 10, 2010


Once in a while I try to give a shout to my Hebrew brothers and sisters and play a team of characters who are Jewish. Here’s my list of those made in the game so far (Modern Age in green):

The Atom (Jewish mom)
Atom Smasher
Colossal Boy
Doc Samson
Gertrude Yorkes & Old Lace
Iceman (Jewish mom)
Dr. Manhattan (maybe. Has a common Jewish name (Osterman), at least)
Marvel Boy/Justice
Moon Knight (son of a rabbi)
Sandman (Origin Unique. Jewish mom)
The Thing/Benjamin J. Grimm

Not really much that’s kosher for Modern Age, which would be a problem this weekend for a 400-point Hanukah-themed game if I were going. But if I were going, I’d almost surely run something like this:

The Thing (Secret Invasion) 100
Benjamin J. Grimm (Secret Invasion) 100
Gert & Old Lace 54
Songbird (Hammer of Thor) 83 + Thunderbolts 8
Moon Knight (Avengers) 38
Thug (Avengers) 7
Thug (Avengers) 7
=397 points. Not a goyim in the lot.

Mazel tov? While this sure fits the bill for Friendly, I’m not certain it’s at all Useful. It’s definitely Neat, though. Just don’t play it on Saturday. It’ll lose. :p

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