My Custom Mods [mod 30]: Experienced DAREDEVIL (Sinister)

Posted on December 6, 2010


Experienced DAREDEVIL (Sinister)

The 1990s were a stupid time in comics, full of stupid revamps and stupid new directions and stupid new powers and and stupid new costumes. Daredevil’s briefly-worn “armor” costume was among the stupidest of all.

A character whose main thing is nimbleness and agility is gonna load up on armor plating? Yeah. SO makes sense.

But, I must admit…it did look cool. And when I saw this Experienced Daredevil dial sporting Toughness where no previous Daredevil had any at all, I figured this one must be this costume. So I decided to modify mine to match:

  • Painted body in black and red acrylics.
  • Painted armor details in silver enamel.


...and back. Photos by Antonio Cade.

Completed late-2009. Yep. It does look pretty cool.
NEXT MONDAY: A much less extensive repaint.