Force-Building Friday: Feathered F.U.N.

Posted on December 3, 2010


Last Friday, I introduced this column and my Heroclixin’ philosophy: teams should be F.U.N.

  • Friendly: Not designed to crush all comers;
  • Utilitarian/Useful: Not about to GET crushed without a fight;
  • Neat-o: Has an interesting or amusing trait.

With a 200-point game coming soon, I’m thinking of running this:

The Atom & Hawkman 120
Hawkgirl (Brightest Day) 71
Red Lantern 5
Kinetic Accelerator 0
=196 points. The 0 range keeps things friendly, but Hawkgirl is a frightfully useful piece, especially with those two Special Objects to boost her damage and speed, respectively. It’s neat that this is an almost perfectly comic accurate team. Not only did Atom and Hawkman share a title once, but I can’t imagine that the trio never shared an adventure.

Will I actually use it? Dunno. I passed it up for the Dark Avengers duo I ran a couple of weeks ago, and I have a great Avengers build I’ll probably highlight next week.

Happy clixing this weekend!