My Custom Mods [mod 29]: Veteran DRAX (Supernova)

Posted on November 29, 2010


Veteran DRAX (Supernova)

The dial is right...but the sculpt isn't.

While the Rookie and Experienced versions of this character both bear the “Destroyer” tagline and the Wing symbol, the vet version not only lacks both, but he has a radically different appearance:

He’s actually physically smaller than his more hulking Destroyer incarnation, but as initially drawn in the Guardians of the Galaxy, he’s still quite buff. That’s why I didn’t want to go the route many other talented modders did in choosing a smaller character to modify.
Longtime readers of Heroclixin’ will recall my Guardians of the Galaxy series and how their appearance in this game made me a fan of the comic. And, as this Mods series shows, I’m often motivated by a desire for comic-accuracy in doing these sculpt repaints and modifications.

In fact, Drax here was actually one of the first mods I revealed on this site, way back during my first Guardians of the Galaxy campaign. But now you get to learn the process:

  • Removed cape (it’s a separate piece, but I had to work his head off to do it).
  • Replaced head.
  • Filled in resultant gaps around his collarbone area with several layers of a thick modeler’s glue.
  • Cut and filed away belt details.
  • Repainted body a deeper green (acrylics).
  • Repainted pants with a flat gray miniatures paint.
  • Repainted boots, gloves and belt in black enamel.
  • Painted on red tattoos/war paint and gold enamel belt buckle.

Better now.

Completed late-2009, in time for my blitz of Guardians of the Galaxy teams that followed shortly after. 🙂
NEXT WEEK: A stupid revamp gets a cool mod.