My Custom Mods [mod 2]: Star-Spangled Kid

Posted on June 13, 2010


I’ve never been a HeroClix completist — that collector who wants to own every piece in the game. Every so often I like to rotate out older, unused pieces to make room for fresher stuff. But some characters do make my permanent collection, and sometimes I decide to mod those to better match the comic book character they’re based on. Here’s an early example:


Unlike my earlier mod of Rookie Dove (Hypertime), this one wasn’t because of manufacturer error. Rather, it was my own desire for a comic-accurate figure. The actual Star-Spangled Kid figure looks like this:

Nice enough sculpt, but...wrong.

But this is her from the comics:

No rod, no flight.

She didn’t use the staff until she actually became Stargirl, as reflected in the Veteran version of the character:

Have rod, will fly.

Therefore, since I was at the time a huge JSA fan and figured I’d never want to trade or sell this piece, I decided to simply use scissors and an exacto knife to remove the staff.

And, thanks to the cramped quarters of my storage box, she's bent forward as though she's running!

And thus my inner continuity nerd was satisfied. (That was the good news. The bad news was that another character also had a big difference in appearance between his Rookie, Experienced and Veteran versions, and making that mod would tax my nascent skills and perseverance to the extreme. But that’s another story for another time well down the road.)

Next time: my first — and only — non-subtractive resculpt.