My Custom Mods [mod 1]: Rookie DOVE

Posted on June 7, 2010


Welcome to a new feature here on HeroClixin’: My Custom Mods! Each article will detail in brief my process in doing the mod, proving that you don’t have to be an expert sculptor or use a lot of Green Stuff to make your pieces your own! (A caveat, though: I did minor in Art in undergrad. But I was a drawing specialist. Painting was the class I nearly failed!)

Without further ado:

ROOKIE DOVE (Hypertime)

One of the first mods I attempted was based on a manufacturer’s error. R Dove has the Boot speed symbol, but the mass-produced figure ended up like this:

NOT a flier at this stage in her career.

Leading to this errata in the Errata & Clarifications document (now known as the Player’s Guide):
“#088 Dove
This character does not fly; it has Leap/Climb (but not on the first click). Ignore the flight base on this character.”
Well, I decided to make it right. Here’s how I did it:
  • Carefully, but firmly, I snapped off the flight base.
  • Then, if I recall correctly, I snipped off the excess peg from the figure’s foot to give the glue a wider surface to bond to.
  • Finally, I used modeler’s glue to fill up the space where the flight stand had once sat and held Dove’s foot there until the bond set in about 2.5 minutes or so.
  • Propped it up so she wouldn’t sag (much) until the bond fully cured.

Now she's right! (If a little blurry.) 🙂

The result is a non-confusing Rookie Dove that, despite being stuffed in my cramped tacklebox for the past 5 years and being an early mod, has never broken. WIN!
I later performed an identical mod on ROOKIE ALETA in Supernova, who had an identical manufacturing error and resulting errata. The modification process was also the same, though I believe I have broken and had to repair this figure once.

Still a lot sturdier than she looks!

Next week (as I intend to make this a weekly feature showing up on Mondays in homage to an old feature on blogroll champ I’ll show off another early mod even simpler than these. Hope you’ll check it out!